General Information

School Information:

Oscar J. Pope Elementary
Address: 2730 Maine Avenue, Lakeland, FL 3801
Phone: 863-499-2992
Fax: 863-499-2996

School Mission

“Oscar J. Pope Elementary School has support from the staff, parents, and the community.  Our students are successful and actively engaged in active, purposeful, hands on activities.  Our teachers are enthusiastic and all classrooms present a warm and inviting atmosphere where the love of content area reading and writing is consistently encouraged.  Learning experiences that involve critical thinking and problem solving are evident.  Technology is used to help students access knowledge and to practice the skills necessary for success in the workforce.  All students demonstrate respect for school rules. Our campus provides a safe and orderly environment for all.”

School Vision

“At Oscar J. Pope Elementary all students will be exposed to learning opportunities that are challenging and engaging through rigorous, relevant and authentic problem-solving tasks.”